The Life of Riley

Mastering the five secret habits to enjoy a longer and healthier life

The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley

Maybe you don’t want to live to 100, but you’ll surely want every day you do live to be a healthy one.

The average adult life expectancy in the UK is now 84. However, many people will not live to see their 80s at all because of poor lifestyle choices, and even for those that do, a significant number will see well over a decade at the end of their lives spoiled by pain, immobility and disabling illness.

The good news is you can change both how long you live and how well you live. This book explains how.

Discover the five simple lifestyle changes that can add significant, enjoyable extra years to your life. Find out the best methods to make each of them an effortless habit. Understand which will give you the biggest result for the least bother (if you’re that kind of person!)

Healthy years are not 'all in your genes'. You may have been dealt a particular hand of cards but the aces are in the pack and your life could be transformed by knowing what and where they are. Read on...

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"So powerful. There really is a way to live forever - or to 91, anyway"
Jeremy Vine, broadcaster.

"This is the ultimate self help book: help yourself to many extra healthy years of life!"
Dr. Zoë Harcombe, PhD.

About the author

Phil Riley

Phil Riley is an award-winning broadcaster and business executive, with an MBA from one of the world’s leading business schools, Columbia University in New York City.

In his career, Phil has launched or relaunched some of the UK's most famous radio station brands (Heart, Magic and LBC as examples). In 2013 he was named as one of the 40 most influential people in commercial radio's first 40 years, and in 2014 was given the prestigious Arqiva Special Award for his "life-long and continuing commitment to the medium of radio."

Phil has also been, at various stages of his life: a smoker; clinically obese; chronically unfit; a heavy/frequent drinker; and he suffered a near-death experience in 2013. While seeking to understand and fix his poor life choices, he discovered some astonishing facts about lifestyle and longevity.

Now, in this book, he is sharing these insights to show you how, to quote sound business principles, the benefit of making some simple lifestyle changes is more than worth the cost.

"The Life of Riley" captures all of the life enhancing changes needed, in five simple daily habits.